December 14, 2012
How I got Red Alert To run on my Galaxy Note

I. Preparation 

A. Get stuff

1) Get Dosbox Turbo from the Play Store

2) Get an ISO of the Red Alert Discs (it’s been made freeware as a promo for CncRA3)

3) get  ”Red Alert 1.08PE English” patch

B. Put stuff into device’s external SD card

1) Using my devices’ file manager I made a folder named “dosbox” on the External SD Card ( storage/sdcard1)

2) Extract the 2 ISO’s from the 7z archive. Rename them as RACD1.iso and RACD2.iso. put them into the dosbox folder

3) Put RA108USP.EXE into the dosbox folder

C. Configure Dosbox 

1) Run dosbox. go to config-> dosbox settings. configure the following:

-memory size: 32

-cycles: 22000

-sound device: sb blaster pro 2.0

-Audio freq rate: 16000 hz

-audio pre-buffer: 100

-autoexec :

mount e: /sdcard

mount c storage/sdcard1/dosbox


II. Installation

*from here I mostly followed the instructions from this site: 

**I do the iso mounting and install instead of using a straight folder copy so that I don’t go through the hassle of going through seting up audio drivers and IRQ’s, DMA’s and ports; and modifying game files to get it to run

A. Install  Red Alert 

1. return to the main dosbox screen  (the dos prompt) type:

c:> imgmount d storage/sdcard1/dosbox/RACD1.iso -t cdrom

dos should confirm a succesful mount then

c:> d:

d:> core=normal 

d:> setup

The Red Alert installer should run now. Watch the spiffy graphics (for 1996)

2. From the RA setup, select SoundBlaster Pro/Pro2. Then click on “TEST SOUND”

3. The installer will show a screen to input IRQ, DMA, and Port. leave it be and click “TEST”. The installer would go to the next screen and show a drill boring into the missile head while playing, well, drill sounds. If you hear it, then click “ACCEPT”. if not, make sure your dosbox sound is enabled and configured same as the setup.

4. There will be another prompt to make sure that the soundcard is correct. just press yes. There should be a dude speaking soon after.

5. The install location screen should be up now. Just Click yes, and watch the install.

B. Patch Red Alert

1. You should be back on the dos prompt now. enter:

d:> c:

c:> core=dynamic 

c:> RA108USP

This will extract files into your dosbox folder (you can delete them afterwards).

2. after the extraction is finished, enter:

c:> patch

Wait for the patch to finish

3. after patching enter

c:> cd westwood

c:\WESTWOOD> cd redalert


If it works or not, time will tell, sooner or later, time will tell. (it should have a blank screen for a minute or so, then you should be watching Einstein get rid of Hitler. Then it’s hear marching, and a dude shouting “die waffen, legt an!”. Then Hell March.)

III. Notes

1. I made a batch file to automate some tasks whenever I wish to run RA. it’s basically a text file that has “.bat” instead of “.txt” as an extension. Mine is “ra.bat” . The contents are:

imgmount d storage/sdcard1/dosbox/RACD1.iso -t cdrom

cd westwood

cd redalert


I’ve put it in my dosbox folder so all I have to do whenever I wish to run RA is type:

c:> ra

2. I set my cycles to 30000 for loading the game, then set it to 8000-15000 once I’m in the battle screen. I start getting noticeable audio lag at around 18000.

3. I’ve set my ram at 32mb, though the dosbox developer suggest running at the lowest requirement for the game (16mb for RA). I have no idea why but the dev says the more emulated ram, the slower it is.

4. set scaling to “ON”, and Scale size to 95%. this allows me to use the “absolute” mouse tracking (the mouse goes where your finger is”) and still be able to scroll

5. I recommend getting “Hacker’s Keyboard” for android. It’s almost a full keyboard on screen.

6. A Path Beyond, England= get a cruiser out ASAP. Park outside enemy base. Profit. Send some more cruisers for faster profit.


December 12, 2012

Because I’m a nerd and a sucker for nostalgia. 

next Project: Deus Ex. hahaha

October 2, 2012

September 2, 2012
Peacekeeping - just thought I’d share. Photo from ,lead from

It is well that war is so terrible. (or) We should grow too fond of it.
Robert E. Lee

Peacekeeping - just thought I’d share. Photo from ,lead from

It is well that war is so terrible. (or) We should grow too fond of it.

Robert E. Lee

August 22, 2012
Why It NOT is too late to honour the late Jesse Robredo now

A Facebook friend of mine posted this article:

I disagree with what the author says. While he makes some good points regarding the stupidity of Philippine politics, his contention that “While everyone blah-blah’s about the dead instead of just quietly burying them, there are things out there that can be payed attention to and addressed ” is very wrong.

What does honoring the dead do? Nothing, he seems to imply-

"But think about the actual lot of good such “awards” do for the dead? His immediate family? Well, yeah".

He also contends that honoring the dead

"corrected an absolute failure to honour someone while he or she was alive".

Again, sounds wrong to me. To honor the dead is not just about “giving prizes” to the dead, but rather also to spread his or her legacy - to celebrate the life they lived and to set an example for those who are still alive.

If his main contention is “give honor to the living”, then he should not have framed it under the context of ‘It is too late to honour the late Jesse Robredo now - because he’s dead’. Besides, I know people who worked with him, and people did honor/recognize him while he was alive. He even held one of the most powerful offices in the country (last time I checked, very powerful people throw tantrums over not getting the DILG seat). For a man who is concerned more about his contribution than his recognition, there probably is little higher honor than that.

But I will even contend that to give him the amount of ‘honoring’ he gets now (that he is dead) while he was still alive would have been detrimental to him and his work. One, because we live in a society that wants to destroy successful people; and two, Sec Robredo seems to be a guy who likes to do his work as quietly as he can - ‘under the radar’ they say. 

So in conclusion - it’s one thing to castigate people for not recognizing a ‘diamond in a pile of manure’; it’s quite another, quite wrong thing, to say that celebrating the life somebody lived and the legacy they leave behind is useless and even counter-productive

*I copy and pasted this from my comment on facebook, with some minor changes with regards to the diffrences between commenting on facebook on the post by someone you know, and publishing for a wider audience. Has something to do with using more polite words 

August 17, 2012
Awesome Engineering

Everyone’s been posting that same image of Mt. Sharp from Curiosity - but have you seen Curiosity’s landing system? 


as one blogger put it* :

"I feel like the Curiosity landing was planned by my five year old nephew:

‘Okay first we’re going to just throw this at Mars. When we get there we’ll use rockets to slow it down. A parachute will go *poof* but it’s no good so then we’ll launch another rocket from the rocket and it will fire MORE ROCKETS. But it’s not going to land, it’s going to just hover there and drop the thing down like a GI Joe out of a helicopter.’”

Engineering Genius.

 Rocket Crane!


So lesson of the day: If rockets can’t solve your problem, throw more rockets at it!

images from


August 12, 2012
"Some may think these trifling matters not worth minding,… [but] Human felicity is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune, that seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur every day"

— Benjamin Franklin

August 1, 2012
Let’s Make Missiles!

Diplomacy only works if the you have enough force to back it up. Unfortunately, against China, it seems that our only considerable “force” is called “USA”. Unfortunate, because the US don’t fight when it doesn’t want to (Hungary 1956, South Vietnam 1975)

So maybe we should develop our own defense missile industry, you know- a few thousand Anti-ship missiles, a formidable SAM umbrella, and have most of the population capable of being mobilized to operate said missiles from every nook and cranny of our 7000+ islands. 

It’s not about winning a shooting war against China (which is virtually impossible), it’s about the threat of giving them a bloody nose. Usually, that would be enough for the stronger side not to start shooting, or even to go anywhere near a condition where shooting could start.

Also, having a homegrown heavy weapons industry means money is staying in the country (as opposed to buying them from other countries). Having a heavy weapons industry means having to develop a skilled workforce and infrastructure. That means hitting two birds with one stone- Defense and Economic Development. Then there is also the fact that a lot of our technologies started out as tools to help people blow stuff up; so having our own weapons may lead to us developing our own techs. That means even less money spent paying foreign royalties. At the very least, it should help us create the capacity to mass-produce hi-tech stuff.

Why not just spend the money on Charity and Education you say? Because while overly militaristic nations tend to collapse, nations that forget about External Security tend to get raped and pillaged.


Sorry for the brain-fart rant. I know it’s far-fetched, but what the hell.

July 30, 2012
Walang Pasok!

A decade ago, at around this hour, my schoolbus would already be in the Katipunan area. The announcement of cancellation of classes would also be usually be broadcast on the AM radio at this time.
That would mean asking the bus driver to drop us off near ADMU Gate3. We’d probably get some “breakfast” at Dunkin Donuts, then proceed to Blueskies/Genx/Base129/ThatTwoFloorOtherEagleStarCounterStrikePlaceWhichIForgotThename/HobbyStop.
Then We’d have lunch at KFC/ThatEagleStarJapResto/Blueskies.

 Then we’d play some more. Or go to some mall. Or Go home to our village and eat isaw/kwek kwek/korniks/chipee, and down a 1.5L Bottle of soda. Then play some basketball, or walk around and talk about random shit.

 Or we could go home to our houses and do a landline network of interconnected three-way calls(yes, it was a thing back then) with whichever of our friends-who-are-girls who are stuck at home, because their parents don’t let them out due to the now barely-existent storm over the metro (yes yes, too many clauses blah blah) . Or chat on YM/IRC/ICQ (yes, those also were things). Or both at the same time. 

 Then I’d have a nice dinner with family. Watch bands on Vid-OK channel/MYX/MTV Philippines/Channel [V] Philippines (yes, things). Play some single player PC games/ emulated snes/PSX games. Then go to sleep.

A day later and at this hour Id be at school and panicking about that month-long English and/or Filipino paper that was due yesterday (and which I’ve completely forgotten about).

hay High School - life was so simple. (Just giving in to nostalgia because of the weather, and the news of cancellation of classes)

edit: just realized that IRC and landline could not be done at the same time, at least for us lowly bastards who only had dial-up. It was text messaging and landline. haha 

also “daisy-chained” is a more appropriate term for the 3-way calls and not “interconnected” 

July 23, 2012
Not Quite a Hot Potato

You know how countries are squabbling over pieces of rock/strips of land that are practically useless aside from political/symbolic/?theoretical economic potential/miltary* value?

This one is not quite like the normal territory dispute- Each country is claiming that the other country owns the area.

*Military value in a political sense, since most of the time “who owns the land on paper” is a moot point when bullets are flying

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